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Italian Women: More Hot Italian Soccer Wives & Girlfriends

After I posted my first list of hot Italian soccer players, the boys in my office requested equal time for the women who date soccer players. I obliged with a post about hot Italian WAGs. (I am nothing if not obliging.)

So when the second list of hot Italian footballers went up, I wasn’t surprised when I heard about it from the boys in the office (one of whom even said that the lovely picture I chose for the front page of the website made it look like some kind of gay porn site – puh-leeze). Here, then, is a second list of beautiful Italian women who are either married to or dating guys who play soccer in Italy. (And, as you’ll see, a few of these ladies are included here based on nothing more than a mere rumor of having once maybe/kinda dated a footballer. But I really didn’t think you’d mind.)

Anna Falchi

The fact that Anna Falchi is only half-Italian is good enough for her to make this list, although she’s one of the gals who’s got only a tenuous connection to an Italian soccer player. She evidently had a “fling” with Genoa’s Matteo Ferrari, but since it appears from this photograph that she also has no problem removing clothing during actual soccer matches, I think she’s more than qualified to be here. (Plus, she likes to pose frequently without anything on, or with nearly nothing on, so if this picture isn’t enough for you I invite you to type her name into Google image search.)

Maria Mazza

Like one of the players on my second Italian footballers list (Giuseppe Rossi), Maria Mazza was actually born in New Jersey – but her parents are Italian and she’s spent most of her life as a model in Italy. What’s more, she’s romantically linked to none other than Italian hottie Francesco Totti (before he was married, of course). And if you’re going to have an Italian footballer in your dating history, I think Totti’s a pretty decent choice.

Debora Salvalaggio

As noted in the first installment of the Italian WAGs I posted, there are a few footballers we can count on as serial-daters of beautiful women – and not one but two of the most prolific footballers in that category (Christian Vieri and Pippo Inzaghi) are in the romantic past of Debora Salvalaggio. And although this calendar is from a year already in the history books, something tells me you’ll enjoy the picture on the cover anyway. Yowza.

Pamela Camassa

Pamela Camassa is a former WAG, like many of the women on this list, as she used to pal around with Alberto Aquilani (and by “pal around” I mean something quite different). There’s no word on whether she’s been picked up by another footballer, now that Aquilani’s moved on to someone else, but I’d guess that even if she’s not on the arm of a soccer player her pictures may be on some of their walls.

Alessia Ventura

Amazingly, Alessia Ventura almost slipped under my radar. I’ve been getting my WAG info from The Offside Italy, but they stopped running that regular feature some time ago (I think we can all hear the fans crying). So the fact that Alessia has apparently been dating Pippo Inzaghi since late last year didn’t come to my attention until just after I’d finished the first draft of this post. She’s an Italian TV “hostess” of sorts, appearing on Italy’s version of “The Mole” among other programs.

Alessia Fabiani

Alessia Fabiani‘s claim to her spot on this list is having dated Alessio Tacchinardi, who may not exactly be a household footballing name. But no matter, Alessia’s got all kinds of additional WAG cred, if by “WAG cred” you mean she likes taking her clothes off for television. In other words, if you’re looking for this gal to strut her stuff, check YouTube before Google’s image search. I’m jussayin’.

Federica Fontana

Here’s another so-called “dubious” WAG, Federica Fontana. She’s dubious because she’s been romantically linked to Francesco Totti only by a rumor in the comments section of The Offside Italy. But if that’s good enough for her to be listed as a WAG on The Offside, then that’s enough for her to be listed here. Besides, she likes posing for cameras while very scantily clad, and that’s more than enough in the qualification department, I’d say. (And if you wonder how WAGs stay in shape, you just need to follow Federica’s example – I mean, obviously she works out, right? Those are weights on the floor near her, aren’t they?)

Melissa Satta

WAG-watchers in Italy know the name Christian Vieri, as he’s linked to many-a-lovely lady. The current bella donna on his arm is Italian-American model Melissa Satta, who was born in the U.S. to Italian parents. She works for one of those charming Italian television shows called “Strip the News,” and you can probably guess what her role is. (Here’s a hint – it’s not the “news” part.)

Rachele di Fiore

Rachele di Fiore is the fiancee of Vincenzo Montella, who plays for Roma – but Rachele’s got her own job, too, thankyouverymuch. She’s the host of Italy’s version of “Big Brother.” Okay, so maybe it’s a stretch calling that a “job,” but what I’m trying to say is that she does more than just look perky for the camera. Okay, maybe that’s really all she does. Nevermind. Just look at the picture.

Valentina Zambrotta

Our last WAG is Valentina Zambrotta, the wife of Gianluca Zambrotta, and like her hunky hubby she is evidently also an athlete. According to The Offside Italy, she’s a “downhill inline skater” (whatever that is). But as you can probably guess from the photo, it’s not her athletic prowess but rather her enormous boobs that tend to get her noticed by the paparazzi. For the record, I’d guess they’re real. But again, I’m not sure you care one way or the other.

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