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Venice Gondolas: Pretty in Pictures

I’ve said before that I have an almost inexplicable infatuation with Venice, and yet I’ve never taken a gondola ride. In fact, I’m not terribly interested in taking one. But I have to admit that they’re incredibly beautiful and quite picturesque – there are lots of Venice gondola pictures in my personal collection, in fact. So I really enjoyed putting together this collection of photos of gondolas in Venice. They almost make me want to hop in one and go for a ride.


photo by .craig

photo by Jey-Heich

photo by Fosforix

photo by high nocturnal style

photo by Ron Layters

photo by Royal Olive

photo by dmcneil

photo by dhammza

photo by Alberto Ferrero

photo by johanlb

photo by dhammza

photo by melolou

photo by dhammza

photo by llamnudds

photo by Michael Dawes

photo by stevo 44

photo by mistress f