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Major Changes Proposed for Serie A


Apparently winning the World Cup doesn’t make people forget about the naughty things you’ve done. On January 5, Italy’s Antitrust authority called for a “radical overhaul” of Italian soccer‘s top league, called Serie A, in “a report to heal the game from the ills highlighted by last year’s Calciopoli scandal.” The changes would, according to the Antitrust authority, make the sport more competitive. You can read about the proposed changes here. It remains to be seen if any of them will actually become effective.

For this and all other news related to Serie A, you could do worse – much worse – than to read The Offside Italy. The husband is a big fan of Italian soccer, and I guess I’d better start trying to learn more than things like, “I think the guys are hot.”

Seriously, soccer is an enormous deal in Italy, no less so because of their recent win in 2006’s World Cup. I’m going to have to do a bit more research before I decide what team I’ll get behind; I expect the choice will say more about me than I’m comfortable with, especially with so little information…