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Ireland Embassy and Consulates in Italy

Here is the contact information for the Irish Embassy and Consulates in Italy. While you hope to never need their services while you are traveling, it’s good to know they’re there if you do!

I’ve gotten a few emails about this, so let me be clear – I’m not with the government of Ireland, or the embassy or consulates. I write about Italy. I don’t have information about getting a visa to visit Ireland. If you want that kind of information, you’ll have to contact the embassy/consulates directly using the contact information listed below.

Irish Embassy in Rome
Piazza di Campitelli, 3
00186 Roma
tel: (+39) 06 6979 121
fax: (+39) 06 6792 354

Irish Honorary Consul in Milan
Piazza S. Pietro in Gessate 2
20122 Milano
tel: (+39) 2551 87 569
fax: (+39) 2551 87 570

Embassy of Ireland to the Holy See (Vatican)
Villa Spada
via Giaocomo Medici, 1
00153 Roma
tel: (+39) 06 581 0777
fax: (+39) 06 589 5709

Main website for Ireland Department of Foreign Affairs:

There are more embassies and consulates in Italy to read about, too.