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Italy Q&A: Getting from Fiumicino to Florence

Here’s question I got via email, so here’s another post in my Italy Q&A series. Allan wrote:

I arrive into Rome at about 7pm on a Friday night and need to connect to Florence to meet up with my family.

I note trains are about $65 and leave every hour or so, which would be fine, but I was wondering what alternatives I have.

eg Is there a bus service that runs to Florence, perhaps departing from the airport? I arrive into Fiumicino.

If not, do I have long way to travel to a train or bus station that would take me to Florence?

Thanks for the question, Allan. The good news is that Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is so busy that it is pretty well-served by multiple transportation options. Here are the options I’ve found that would get you from your arrival at Fiumicino to Florence.

  • Train to Termini, Train to Florence – There’s an express train that connects Fiumicino Airport with Termini Station and the ride takes roughly 35 minutes. It’s called the “Leonardo Express,” and it runs every half-hour between roughly 06:00 and 23:30. As I write this, the ticket costs €9.50. You can find out more about the Leonardo Express (including specific timetables) from the Trenitalia website here. From Termini, you’d then take a train directly to Florence S.M.N. – and you can choose either the high-speed Eurostar or a slower train, depending on your schedule and budget. (And by the way, second class is the way to go to save money, especially on the Eurostar – the second class cars get there just as quickly as the first class cars!) Find out about train ticket prices and schedules here.
  • Bus to Termini, Train to Florence – There are a few bus lines which operate routes connecting Fiumicino with Termini. The journey will take a little longer, but will save you a euro or two. The Terravision Shuttle leaves the airport roughly every two hours between 08:30 and 20:30, and costs €7 one-way. The Schiaffini Travel Shuttle only has two departure times from Fiumicino (16:25 and 17:00) and costs €8. A Cotral bus leaves the airport at seemingly random times between 01:15 and 19:00, and costs €5.00. You can learn more about the various buses (and get links to the bus company websites) on this page. From Termini, you’d take a train to Florence as indicated above.

I looked for a train that runs directly from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to Florence S.M.N., but it looks like there isn’t one. So, all things considered, I’d probably go with the first option above – it’s quickest, and even if it does cost a few more euro that might be worth it if you’re jetlagged and just wanting to get to your family and your final destination.

Have a great trip, Allan, and be sure to check out my Florence travel guide, plus my posts about finding the best gelato in Italy (so far, the best I’ve had has been in Florence) and shopping in the Florence leather market!