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What to Do in Rome

If you’re looking for things to do in Rome, look no further. This is a list of the top sights in Rome and links to tips about visiting each one with as little hassle and frustration as possible! And if you’re trying to travel without spending a fortune (who isn’t?), then be sure to make note of all the free attractions in Rome – some of them are the top sights you’ll want to see anyway, and others are hidden gems you might want to add to your list.

>> Short on time? Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do in Rome!

>> And for an overview of some helpful hints about the Eternal City, here are some things you should know about Rome.

>> If you’re planning a round the world trip, find out why you should add Rome to your RTW trip itinerary.

Rome’s Top Sights

  • Roman Colosseum – Arguably the most famous Roman arena anywhere, it’s a must-see
  • Roman Forum – Easily done along with the Colosseum, and included on most combo-tickets
  • Palatine Hill – Right next to the Forum, this is one of the oldest parts of Rome
  • Pantheon – Amazing church that’s been in constant use for nearly 2,000 years
  • Vatican City – This is easily a half-day trip, if not a full day, and it’s amazing whether you’re Catholic or not; especially the Vatican Museums
  • Spanish Steps – Especially romantic at night, but beware of pickpockets
  • Trevi Fountain – Rome’s most famous fountain
  • Piazza Navona – Popular piazza that used to be a Roman circus, has an amazing Bernini fountain at its center
  • Trastevere Neighborhood – One of Rome’s oldest neighborhoods, it’s popular with budget travelers for its cheap eats & good nightlife
  • Angels and Demons Tours in Rome – The book made these tours popular, and the movie looks to make them even more so; these are a few of the book-themed tours you can take in Rome
  • Self-Guided Angels & Demons Tour of Rome – If you read the book but you’re not enough of a fan to sign up for an organized tour, this DIY tour points out the highlights so you can see them on your own time (included in this post is a preview of the movie, too!)
  • Vittorio Emanuele II Monument – Most people think it’s an eyesore, but you can take an elevator to the top for some of the best views of Rome
  • Okay, not a “sight” exactly, but you’re likely to spend some time in Fiumicino Airport

Weird & Wonderful Rome

  • Cappuchin Crypt – Several tiny chapels decorated with the bones of more than 4,000 monks might not be your idea of a must-see, but it’s definitely mine
  • Museum of Purgatory – It’s either communication from the afterlife or an elaborate hoax, but either way it’s interesting
  • Rome Crime Museum – Just in case you were wondering how criminals have been dealt with over the centuries, there’s this museum
  • Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary – A cool spot for animal lovers to meet some people who are making a difference in the lives of Rome’s stray cats, and get a tour of some little-known Roman ruins at the same time
  • Museum of the Sanitary Arts – It’s in a hospital, so I guess it’s sanitary, but it’s still got some creepy elements
  • Pasta Museum – It’s Italy, so of course there’s a museum dedicated to pasta

More weird sights in Rome!

Other Fun Stuff to Do, See and Eat in Rome

  • Rome Scavenger Hunt – What better way to explore the hidden corners of Rome than with a fun scavenger hunt?
  • Rome’s Aqua Store – A great stop if you’re thirsty, or if you want to learn exactly what kind of water is right for you
  • Vatican Post Office – Reportedly with faster service than the rest of Italy, and a must for anyone who’s into the stamps from different countries
  • Cool Beverages for Hot Days – Some lesser-known treats to look for in the heat of summer
  • Notte Bianca in Rome – The annual festival when museums and attractions stay open all night and are totally free

Day Trips from Rome

Are you in the mood for a change of scenery? Is Rome getting to be a bit too much for you? Or are you staying in the city long enough that you’ve seen all the stuff you wanted to see and don’t want to hit yet another museum? No matter what your reasoning behind looking for options beyond the city limits of Rome, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve got lots of options when it comes to day trips.

I’ve posted a long list of many of the most popular day trips from Rome, as well as some you may not have heard about. A few of them from that list were also recommended by my pal Miss Expatria, who tells us about getting to and enjoying the cities of Perugia, Orvieto, & Frascati.