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Weird & Wonderful Milan

Milan isn’t usually the kind of city people come to spend more than a day or two, usually at one or the other end of a trip and only because they’re flying in and out of Malpensa Airport. Italy’s financial capital isn’t swimming in what most people would consider tourist attractions, but it’s an interesting city nonetheless – and if you’ve planned ahead you can make the most of your time here rather than just watching bad Italian TV in your airport hotel room.

In addition to the regular things to do in Milan, however, if you’ve got a little extra time and a taste for the unusual, there are some things that fall into my favorite of all tourist categories – the “weird and wonderful.” Here are Milan’s weird sights (the ones I’ve found, anyway):

San Bernardino alle Ossa – Milan’s bone church
Milan in Braille

If you know about other weird and wonderful sights in Milan, please let me know!