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Hottest Italian Soccer Players, Part III

dg3As time goes by, I find I’m even more into watching Italian soccer than I was a couple years ago. I yell at the TV when I watch my team play (whether it’s obscenities or happy screaming depends on how they’re playing, of course), and I always don my team scarf on game day for good luck.
Back when I did the first list of hot Italian soccer players, I knew little about the game – so looking at those beautiful men was one of the things that kept me coming back for more. By the second list of gorgeous guys, I was starting to learn the rules of the sport. Now, it’s just an added bonus (albeit a major one) that so many of the guys who play the game I love so much happen to be completely smoking hot.
Which is why I’m happy to announce that it’s time for yet another installment in my hot Italian footballers series! We’re up to part three now, and since many of the more famous names were listed in parts one and two you might find some less-famous men to lust over here. I like to spread the love around, you know, since all of us drooling over the same men could get, well, messy.
So I hope you’ll join me in welcoming this latest group of gorgeous Italian soccer players to the ranks, with their team listed in parentheses.
And, in case you’re wondering – no, none of them come close to replacing My Boyfriend, Andrea Pirlo (far left in the picture above), who was rightly featured prominently in the first list of hot Italian footballers I ever did. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look. Join me, won’t you?
>> If you’re a late arrival to the party, don’t miss the earlier articles in this series – 10 Hottest Italian Soccer Players (According to Jessica) and Hottest Italian Soccer Players, Part II. Because I’m an equal-opportunity writer – and because the guys I work with pestered me into it – I’ve also got a couple lists of the pretty Italian women who hang out with footballers, too. Here are the 13 Hottest Italian Soccer WAGs, and More Hot Italian Soccer Wives & Girlfriends.

Stefano Mauri (Lazio)

Stefano Mauri currently plays for Lazio in Rome, and although he was born in the wealthy Milan suburb of Monza he’s never played for either Milan-based squad. Stefano’s a bit of a hidden gem, I think, as you might look at him on the field and think, “He’s okay, but I’m not too excited about him.” But then you see him in just his underwear, and… Yeah. You’re welcome. Incidentally, I found the fabulous underwear-modeling picture below on the same management website of another hot Italian footballer, Mattia Cassani, who featured in part two of this series. I’d love to work at that management agency, lemme tell you.

Oh my. Someone get me a zoom lens. I wanna see what those tattoos are. Or something.


The photographer clearly thinks this is his good side. And who am I to argue with a professional?


Fabio Ceravolo (Atalanta)

Fabio Ceravolo knows he’s beautiful. Maybe it’s because he has the same name as that long-haired Italian Harlequin model – who can say? The many self-portraits he’s posted on his Facebook profile give me all the evidence I need that he knows he’s lovely to look at. And he is. It’s the eyes that get me. Just look at them. (You probably already are, actually.) If you’re not yet gazing into those gorgeous eyes, let me give you the tiniest bit of information about dear Fabio – he’s from the Calabria region of Italy, and is on loan right now from a Calabrian team to Atalanta in Bergamo. There. Information dispensation complete. We now return you to your regularly scheduled staring.

I know I should be thinking, “Oh, I wonder if he’s wearing anything at all in this picture?” But I can’t help but think, “Wow, he’s a professionall footballer and his room looks like he’s still in high school.”


Another self-portrait from Fabio (doing his best Andy Garcia impression), complete with sultry eyes and devilish smirk. Oh, how we love that.


Even though this one doesn’t exactly scream “sex appeal,” it does crack me up. Besides, it’s proof he’s got a sense of humor, right?


Matteo Brighi (Roma)

Matteo Brighi has quite a few things going for him in the “omigoodness, he’s adorable” department. He celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day. He dreams of returning to play for his hometown club of Rimini someday, nevermind that they’re not a top level club (at least at the moment). He doesn’t like to go out and party like footballers often do, instead preferring to go home and read a book. His hobbies are things like going to the movies, having dinner with friends, and reading novels. He is single, ladies. And oh, yeah – he’s gorgeous. Who wouldn’t like to bring this one home to meet Mom?

Lovely, brooding, ruggedly handsome Matteo. He looks like he needs a hug.


And he’s no less adorable when he scores a goal, either.


Marco Marchionni (Fiorentina)

Marco Marchionni has more than 10 years experience playing professional soccer in Italy, having worn the jerseys of five different teams. He now wears the purple of Fiorentina, which – I think you’ll agree – he looks quite dashing in. He also looks good in the bright blue of the Italian national team, where he’s made six appearances over the years. Mind you, if this was the Italian national team of hotness, he’d probably get called up every single time. If I’m ever asked to put together such a team, that is. (Anyone know how I could get that gig?) Oh, and if you’re wondering about what his hobbies are, I think it’s safe to assume they include fishing.

I absolutely love this smile…


He looks boyishly cute to me in this one.


But this one takes the cake. Or carp. Or whatever the hell that fish is.


Alessandro Matri (Cagliari)

Alessandro Matri is another footballer on this list who, I think, has hypnotizingly-gorgeous eyes. This fellow, however, doesn’t appear to find himself nearly as captivating to look at, as it’s a bit more challenging to find pretty pictures of him online. Still, I think this shot of him soaking up the sun in nothing but a pair of shorts gives you some indication of his beauty. And since he’s not all about the male modeling (so far as I can tell), doesn’t that make him seem modest, too? Gorgeous and modest? We love that combination, don’t we? Yes. Yes, we do.

This picture gives you a little indication of why I can’t stop talking about those eyes, I hope.


Beautiful eyes? Check. Beaming smile? Check.


And oh yes, he looks good in swim trunks, too.


Matteo Sereni (Torino)

Matteo Sereni is the first goalkeeper I’ve featured on one of these lists of hot footballers – but he won’t be the last (especially since the second is at the bottom of this page). Because unlike most soccer players, the keeper knows how to use his hands. Ifyaknowwhaddimean. Matteo is from the food-centric city of Parma, and minds the goal for Torino. As an aside, when I was hunting for photographs of Matteo online, I found a few from an appearance he made on one of those silly television shows in Italy that claims it’s a talk show or a news show but in reality is more about half-naked dancing girls. Well, he was willing to dress up in a silly hobo costume for this show, but you get a glimpse of his lovely smile in a backstage picture. And note how he’s demurely covering his eyes when the topless women come in to dance for him. Adorable, no?

Matteo looks to be shielding himself from his own hotness here.


Matteo’s on the far left in this picture, in costume for some silly Italian TV show.


Here he is backstage at the same silly show, again on the far left. How much do we love the smile? Yes, we love it lots.


And here, as promised, is the picture of dear Matteo covering his eyes so as to not look at the topless dancers in front of him. Is it really sweet, or is he just waiting until the cameras leave so he doesn’t get caught? You decide.


Graziano Pellè (AZ Alkmaar)

Graziano Pellè is one of the few footballers I’ve added to these lists who doesn’t currently play in Italy. I love that most Italian soccer players tend to play in Italy so that I can see their televised games more often, but I also love finding out about a “new to me” player who’s gracing the airwaves in another country with some Italian gorgeousness. Such is the case with Graziano, who plays in the Netherlands. His official team photos have him with much shorter hair, and although I do think he’s still quite pretty I’m a fan of the longer hair he’s sporting now. Let’s hope he’s reading this site so he knows not to cut those tresses.

This is a relatively recent shot of Graziano, during a game for AZ, so you can see his pretty long hair.


But this picture proves that even if he does decide to lose the locks he’s still a damned fine sight for sore eyes.


Daniele Conti (Cagliari)

Daniele Conti plays for the top team on the beach-heavy island of Sardinia, and his hometown is the beach resort town of Nettuno in the Lazio region – so I’m going to wager that he’s spent quite a few summers in little more than a speedo. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not a bad thing at all. He’s not just hot, he’s also loyal, having stayed with the Cagliari team even after they were relegated to a lower division for awhile. Yes, that is adorable, thanks for noticing. Also? The footballing gene runs in his family, as his dad won the World Cup with Italy in 1982 and his brother is also a professional player.

It is possible that my one-time love of Def Leppard’s lead singer is coloring my affection for Daniele. Possible.


According to the scoreline here, his team’s down 2-0 to Milan. And he’s still cheering them on. Good man.


How cute is this? A meet & greet with the Cagliari fans.


Salvatore Bocchetti (Genoa)

Salvatore Bocchetti may just be adorable enough to make this list without you knowing his nickname (and I obviously think he is or I wouldn’t have included him), but I still think you should know that his nickname is Totò. Not like the dog, people, the accent is on the second syllable. Anyway, I think it’s cute as all hell. Totò is from Naples (which, if you know how much I love Naples, means I adore him even more) and plays for Genoa, the oldest club in Italy. He’s young and has already played for the Italian national team three times. This kid is going places, I tell you. And he’s doing it beautifully.

This lovely picture is by Hop Frog, who I’m quite jealous of for having gotten so close to the team.


This is obviously Salvatore’s tough look, in his portrait for the national team.


And here’s his brooding look. Still quite adorable, I must say.


Albano Bizzarri (Lazio)

Albano Bizzarri has an Italian-enough sounding name, but in the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that he only qualifies for an “honorable mention” placement on this list. Why? Because he’s actually Argentinian. Now, before you freak out that I’ve included a non-Italian on this list of hot Italian soccer players, hear me out. Rather, look at him. I can’t find a picture online that does him justice, but I think you’ll agree that he’s easy on the eyes. He’s the goalkeeper for Lazio in Rome, and he does have an Italian passport in addition to his Argentinian one – so I think he’s more than qualified for this list. Also? Look at him. That is all.

I can’t come up with a decent caption here because I’m too distracted by how adorable he is. Also? I can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing/saying.


Either he’s brooding or the sun’s in his eyes. Either way, he’s lovely.


No need to be scared of anything sneaking up on you, Albano. It’s just us, staring at your loveliness.

And remember, if you need more beautiful boys to look at, then don’t miss part one in the series of gorgeous soccer players from Italy, and part two with more hot Italian footballers.