Hostels in Rome

Italy’s capital city of Rome is a must-stop on any proper tour of Europe – but for travelers on a budget Rome can be a challenge. Italy in general is on the expensive side, and it’s easy to spend quite a bit on accommodation. This is one reason why staying in hostels in Rome is a good idea.

There are quite a few Rome hostels to choose from when you’re planning your trip, and the links below will help you sort through all your options.



  • Not all hostels are party central, but some of them definitely have more of a reputation if you’re planning to be (as the song goes) up all night, sleep all day. Here are the best party hostels in Rome.
  • For those of you who want to sleep cheap but are hoping to get away from the glut of hostels around the train station, here’s a map and a list of some of the hostels away from Termini.
  • Finding a cheap bed near Rome’s most famous landmark is more difficult than finding one near Termini, but it’s not impossible – there are hostels near the Colosseum.

>> Ask around among budget travelers who’ve been to Rome a few times and you’re likely to hear the name “The Beehive” come up repeatedly. The Beehive started as a hostel, and has evolved over the last decade into one of Rome’s coolest budget hotels (there are still some dorm rooms available for hostelgoers) that boasts an on-site organic cafe. It’s run by American expats Steve & Linda, and although I’ve never stayed there I hear from several trusted sources that it’s a real gem. But don’t delay a booking here, because they fill up fast.

photo by D’Angelo Salvatore

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