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Italy Lake Hotels with Great Views

Vacationers in Italy might think first of the Amalfi Coast or Italian Riviera when they think about views over water – or, if they’re more familiar with the country, they could name any one of the hundreds of towns up and down either coast. Italy’s seaside towns are not the only places to go if you’d like a water view, however.

There are lakes throughout Italy, but the most famous – and most popular with visitors – lie in the north. The major lakes in the north of Italy are Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, and Lake Lugano. A couple of them are on par with the Amalfi Coast and Italian Riviera in terms of popularity during the high season, and there are a few that are much less crowded.
Here’s a list of some hotels at each of the lakes listed above where at least some of the rooms have lake views – after all, you’re going to this part of Italy to see the lakes, right? Why not try to see the lake from your room?
Even limiting myself to a few hotels per lake, this list was getting far too long – so it’s been broken up into a few articles, listed below the map of the lakes region in the north. Click on each of the links to find the lists of lake view hotels on each of these popular Italian lakes.

Italian Lake Hotels with Lake Views

Here’s a quick map of hotels in the area – you’ll have to move the map around and zoom in a bit to see different parts of the lakes region:

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photo by Lapatia