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Eco-Friendly Hotels Offering Free Round-Trip Train Tickets


Now here’s something that makes you warm and fuzzy for two reasons – eco-friendly hotels and free train travel in Italy!

Through August 2007, a handful of eco-friendly hotels in Italy are supporting eco-friendly travel by offering their guests free round-trip train tickets from anywhere in Italy. They’ll reimburse second-class fare (including the fast Eurostar trains) – if you’ve never taken the train in Italy, don’t be put off by the term “second-class.” It’s really quite nice, and usually first class isn’t worth the hefty surcharges.

At any rate, it’s only around 30 hotels throughout Italy that are offering this deal, but if one of them happens to be in a city you’ll be visiting, it’s well worth checking into – especially if your dream of driving a Ferrari around Italy clashes with your environmentally friendly standing in the world. Besides, what could be better than getting a reward for doing the right thing in the first place?