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Italy Q&A: Can I make train reservations for Italy online?

Here’s another in the Italy Q&A series. This one is from Frits, who says:

I like to know the way to make a reservation for the train from Rome to Florence. Can that be done via internet? And is it possible to do it on the day of departure at the station and what is the station in Rome we have to take?

Thanks for the question, Frits! The short answer to two of your questions is yes – you can make train reservations online, and you can also do it on the day of departure. Frankly, I’d recommend the latter. Unless your schedule is such that only one train works with your travel plans, and that train happens to be running during a major Italian festival or holiday or something, it’s both easier and cheaper to wait until you get to the train station and buy your reservations and tickets there. If you’re at all concerned and you’ll be in Rome for a few days before you need to get to Florence, I suggest going to the train station the day before and buying your tickets and reservations then. That way, you won’t be dragging your luggage with you and you won’t be in a rush – so if there happens to be a little bit of a line at the ticket window, you won’t be stressed about it.

As for your last question, the train station in Rome you’ll be departing from is Roma Termini – the city’s main station. There are regular trains leaving for Florence (about two an hour), and they’re not only direct trains, they’re the fast EuroStar Italia trains, so the trip will take you just over an hour and a half. For more information about taking the trains in Italy, be sure to check out my Italy train travel guide, and have a fantastic trip!