Italy Travel TV Shows On Demand

When I can’t be in Italy, the next best thing is usually watching TV programs about traveling in Italy. I mean, I love looking at photographs, but there’s something about moving pictures that really gives me a sense of a place. One program I always love watching, almost regardless of where they’re going, is Globe Trekker – and I’m always thrilled to see Italy come up on their schedule. This is why I’m excited about a new way to watch TV programs like Globe Trekker about Italy any time I want.

With the new GlobeTrekkerChannel, we can watch excellent programming from all over the world – with several shows dedicated to Italy – and do it on a schedule of our own choosing. With more than 350 hours of shows already in the bank, there’s plenty to keep you busy. On Italy alone, we have programs on Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Florence and Sicily (among others), as well as food programs about Tuscany, Umbria and the Emilia Romagna. Any one of those shows would be a great way to occupy your time on a long flight into Italy while simultaneously prepping yourself for your vacation!




If the idea of on-demand travel programs on Italy sounds appealing, here’s how it works – first you register so that you’ll know when new programs come out, then you can buy credits (which never expire) to download just the shows you want to your computer, and then when you’ve downloaded a program you’ve got a week in which to watch it. It’s simple, it’s just the programming you want to see, and it’s on your schedule.

To find out more and watch a free demo video, visit GlobeTrekkerChannel and register today!

Photo by: Angelo Miceli

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