What to Do in Venice

Venice is one of those cities where the to-do item most often recommended isn’t a museum or ruin or gallery – it’s an activity. I’m talking about getting lost in Venice, which is even my top recommendation for visitors to the city. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a healthy list of things to do in Venice besides getting thoroughly lost.

Here is a list of the top sights in Venice with links to more detailed information about many of them. There are also additional articles about what to do in Venice listed here, in case you want a more targeted itinerary than just a big list.


Useful Articles for Planning What to Do in Venice

Venice’s Top Attractions & Activities

  • St. Mark’s Basilica – Venice’s Byzantine masterpiece, a must-see church right on the city’s busiest square
  • Piazza San Marco – Venice’s most popular square, often full of tourists but clears out beautifully at night
  • Campanile (Bell Tower) – The bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica, it’s right in front of the church and the top offers great views
  • Rialto Bridge – The most famous bridge over the Grand Canal
  • Palazzo Ducale – Next door to St. Mark’s Basilica, where Venice’s rulers once lived and passed judgment on everyone else
  • Bridge of Sighs – Behind the Doge’s Palace, you can access it only via a tour of the palace; it leads from the palace court straight to the prison
  • Riding a Gondola – This doesn’t have to be on your must-do list (especially if you’re on a tight budget), but for many it defines a trip to Venice
  • The city itself – Don’t forget, getting lost in Venice is the best thing you can possibly do there!

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3 thoughts on “What to Do in Venice

  • Inder

    This website was very helpful in planning the trip to Italy. We went to Venice, Florence, Pisa & Rome. We felt so much at ease when we were in Italy, as we knew what to expect, what to do, and what to avoid. Very useful information!!!

  • Suzanne

    We enjoyed our trip to Italy so much for the second time in 18 months. (made comment May’12).
    So we are going again late Feb-March’13. We will visit Venice once again to enjoy the wonderful people sites, etc., that Venice has to offer. Don’t wish to let the time pass. However, really hope the next 10 weeks passes quickly. To allow us to once again be in Venice. Cheers Suzanne

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