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“Italy vs. Europe” Video

I am the first to admit that I’m a bona find Italophile. I’ll defend my love of Italy to anyone who asks, but I’m not so blinded by mozzarella that I don’t see Italy’s faults. On the contrary, many of the things that are “wrong” with Italy are things I find charming or amusing. Now, there’s no telling how charming and/or amusing I’m going to find them if I’m faced with them every day – but for the moment Italy’s quirks are still, for me, part of the appeal.

With that in mind, I recently re-discovered this little animation that I first saw several years ago. Even before visiting Italy, it was funny to me – and now, after visiting several times and seeing first-hand that the artist isn’t so much kidding as he is just representing the facts in an amusing way, it’s even more hysterical. So, without further ado, I bring you Bruno Bozzetto’s masterpiece, “Italy vs. Europe:”

Tell me that after watching that video you’re not amused! And delighted! And charmed! I could seriously watch that over and over again and not find it any less hilarious.

For those of you who know Italy, tell me what your favorite section of this video is by leaving a comment below. And for those of you who don’t yet know Italy, allow me to suggest that you bookmark this page and watch the video again after you’ve returned from a trip to il Bel Paese. It’ll mean so much more after that.

And for more by Bozzetto, check out his website.