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New Canon TV Ads Filmed in Venice

Because my two favorite sports aren’t typically broadcast on TV in the United States, I have to find creative ways to keep up with them. Thanks to the interwebs, I’ve watched both soccer games and cycling races in more languages than I can count – which means I’ve seen more interesting commercials than I would if I actually could get these events on my own television.
Just recently while watching a broadcast of something from England, I saw a new ad by Canon that was shot in Venice, so I went to track it down. Turns out there are two of them – one emphasizing the zoom capabilities of the tiny Powershot digital cameras, and the other highlighting the features of one of the Canon DSLRs. The first one is my favorite – I love the giant insects marching through St. Mark’s Square – but the second one captures that lovely, quiet side of Venice that makes me swoon over the city every time I’m there.
Here are both commercials, so you can enjoy them for yourself.