Learning from Other Expat Wannabes

I have a ridiculously long list of blogs related to Italy which I try to keep up with on a semi-weekly basis, and I’m still finding more blogs to add to the list. I just found one that I think will be useful to anyone who’s contemplating a move to Italy – Moving2Italy2.


The author of Moving2Italy2, Ben, began posting in November of 2005 because he and his wife were planning a move to Italy “in the next 3-4 years.” Well, according to the counter on the blog’s homepage they’re moving in about two months. If you’re a pessimist, that means you’ve missed all the build-up of what was probably a pretty cool adventure. If you’re an optimist, it means that there’s a ton of information in the blog’s archives that’s all ready and waiting for you. Either way, there’s plenty to read.




For a good overview on the posts that are related to the move to Italy, check out this page. You’ll find information on film festivals, dialects, emergency telephone numbers, lease/rental agreements, schools, handicapped access, gluten-free eating, electricity, flea markets, olive oil, taxes, Italian webcams, Judaism, Islam, wedding planning – and so, so much more.

Photo by: o_o mars