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Research on the Road to Expat-hood

I’m knee-deep in research for the husband’s and my attempt at expat-hood, and I haven’t read this site yet, but I’m bookmarking it for futher inspection. I’m halfway through “Live & Work in Italy” by Victoria Pybus, and have “Living Abroad in Italy” (John Moretti) and “The Expert Expatriate” (Melissa Brayer Hess & Patricia Linderman) on my nightstand to follow shortly. I’ve decorated the Pybus book with little sticky flags to refer back to later. I’ve started sending emails to anyone I know who might be able to help with information or assistance.

Man, I hope this all works out. I hate the idea of doing research for nothing…

Seriously, though, the general idea the husband and I discussed late last year when we found out his job was ending is this: we’ll give this thing a try for a few months – follow every avenue we can find to getting him a job in Italy – and see if we’re getting anywhere. If we are, we’ll keep at it. If we’re not, well – at some point we’re going to have to pull the plug and he’ll have to take a job here. Until that point, however, we’re full steam ahead.