Italy Travel News 07/08/2010

  • How to visit Venice, Italy, for $50 a day or lessThis video (which features an appearance by Bianca Reyes, who I met on my last trip to Venice) has some good ideas for visiting Venice without spending a fortune. I’ve also listed many free things to do in Venice here, which can help cut down on your travel expenses:
  • Episode 12: The Mystery surrounding Jesus Christ’s ForeskinIn the latest episode of Eye on Italy, we talked to David Farley, the author of “An Irreverent Curiosity.” He spent a year living in the Italian hilltop town of Calcata on the hunt for the famous relic that once was in the town – Jesus’ foreskin. Did he find what he was looking for? You’ll have to read the book to find out.
  • Alitalia Joins Forces with KLM, Air France, & DeltaBeleagured Italian national carrier Alitalia has announced it’s joining an airline network with KLM, Air France, & Delta to form the largest transatlantic airline network. Now, can we get some cheap flights to Rome out of this, please?
  • Italian motorists coin it in after truck carrying 2 MILLION euros crashesA truck transporting 2 million euros in 1- and 2-euro coins crashed on a highway in southern Italy, spilling much of its load onto the highway. Motorists were stopping in the middle of the road to scoop up the coins, & authorities estimate 10,000 euros are missing. They’re asking people to give the money back. What are the chances they’ll get any of it returned, you think? (via @travelnewsdaily on Twitter)
  • Where to Go in SicilyBlogging pal Cherrye did the impossible here and listed her top 5 places to visit on the entire island of Sicily. I’m impressed – and if she thinks these are must-see spots, they must be.
  • Madonna goes back to her Italian roots in new Dolce & Gabbana adsNot only do these ads showcase Madonna in stereotypical Italian settings, they’re also a throwback to her own glamorous look of the “Like a Virgin” era. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)
  • Italians unveil anti-ageing ‘super tomato’While the idea of an anti-aging tomato (that, incidentally, wasn’t developed with genetically modified organisms) is appealing, the fact that it’s apparently “square-shaped” is a bit unnerving to me. (via @barryfrangipane on Twitter)
  • Heat Wave Warnings Issued for Italian CitiesItaly (and much of Europe) is in the midst of a summer heat wave – if you’re headed to the continent, be prepared.
  • Panini in Italy ~ Q&A with Sara RossoAmericans know how popular “panini” are in the US – but you may not know that what we know as “panini” here are a far cry from the original panini in Italy. This interview with my podcasting friend Sara Rosso helps sort out the differences.
  • Italians Study High-Tech Referee Help for SoccerThere have been some badly blown refereeing decisions in this World Cup, leading once again to the call by many for either some technological refereeing assistance or additional referees. One company in Italy thinks it has perfected a technological system that would help cover “what are typically referee blindspots” with high-speed cameras.

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