Italy Travel News 07/26/2010

  • The Weirdest Laws in Italy

    Italy has some odd laws – including many that you might accidentally break as a visitor without realizing it. Here's just a sample.

  • Episode 13: Q&A: Travel in & Moving to Italy, Part 1

    A couple weeks ago on the Eye On Italy podcast, we decided to answer reader & listener questions about moving to and traveling in Italy. Do you have questions you'd like us to answer? Let us know!

  • Episode 14: Eye On Italy’s “Cawfee Tawk”

    Last week Miss Expatria herself, Christine Cantera, joined us to chat about two day trips from Rome that she loves, as well as some of her favorite rooftop bars in Italy's capital city.

  • ‘New’ Caravaggio ‘Not Real Thing’

    A painting that hangs in a Jesuit church in Rome and has been called by some a "possible new Caravaggio" is "only a modest copy," according to the director of the Vatican museums. Even the small portion of the painting included in this link looks amateurish to me, and I'm certainly no art critic. (via @onlyinitaly on Twitter)



  • Pitt, Jolie buy mansion in Italy

    George Clooney's Italian villa may be up for sale, but another Hollywood heartthrob is poised to move into the country. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have apparently bought a mansion in "the hills of Valpolicella" near Verona. The mansion boasts 15 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and two swimming pools. For any other family, that might be excessive – but with the number of kids those two have now, they might actually fill the place.

  • Corners in Venice

    This is hilarious. I've seen these "filled-in" corners in Venice before, but never knew why they were there. It's a very clever idea, if (as @MadelineJ on Twitter, who posted the story, says) they actually work!

  • When in Rome, PARK as the Romans Do

    I love how creative the Italians get with parking – and the photos in this article only prove that.

  • Venice Market Boat

    I know, there have been lots of Venice things posted here lately, but I can't help it. Also? This is beautiful.

  • The Sipping Point

    This isn't about Italy, but it's about the hunt for the perfect Italian cappuccino – in San Francisco. The author got a lesson in making the perfect cappuccino from an Italian master barista, & at the bottom of the article there are two recipes for Italian coffee classics you can make at home.

  • Museum’s Display of Remains Reflects Latest Chapter in Galileo’s Legacy

    I mentioned awhile ago that the Galileo Museum in Florence was re-opening with new displays, including a couple of the great scientist's fingers – but the last time I mentioned the news I didn't have photos. Now I do. Well, one photo, anyway – of a Galileo finger, on display in the museum.

  • Uncanny Venice

    Pretty photo set from a December visit to Venice. I'm telling you, I never get tired of photos like these.

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