Arts Guide for Italy – August 2007

Italy Magazine has published another guide to some of the art exhibits which are on display around the country at the moment, so take a look and see if your trip crosses paths with any of them. Some of the shows have already closed, but a few notable exhibits which run through August are:




  • “Ancient Afghan Treasures” are being shown in Turin’s Museum of Antiquities.
  • Venice’s Palazzo Ducale has a show called “Venice and Islam” with different media represented.
  • Rome’s National Gallery of Modern Art has an exhibit called, “Symbolism: From Moreau to Gaugin to Klimt,” with more than 100 works on display.
  • The Boboli Gardens in Florence are showing an exhibit of ‘Gardens of the Ancient World,’ which looks at the concept of formal gardens from Mesopotamia through Imperial Rome.
  • A show about the “enigmatic figure of Eros” is on display at Rome’s Colosseum.
  • Remember the guy who created “Artist’s Shit”? Well, he’s back and he’s got a show in Naples.

Photo by: Imre Farago

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