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Top 10 WhyGo Italy Travel Articles in 2010

January 2011 marks the 4th anniversary of the start of WhyGo Italy, and with the start of a new year it’s also a good time to look back over the previous year to see what articles you all spent the most time on.
I was surprised by some of the results of 2009’s list of the top 10 WhyGo Italy articles, but I’m less surprised by this year’s list.
Here, then, is the list of the top 10 articles on WhyGo Italy from 2010 – the articles readers visited the most.

  1. Italy in September – Weather-related articles on WhyGo Italy are always popular, since the weather can be a determining factor in any vacation planning process. But this is the first time that one of the articles about a specific month in Italy has cracked the top 10. September has long been one of my favorite months to travel in Italy, and it’s clearly one of your favorites, too!
  2. Top 10 Things to Do in Florence – Florence is a small enough city that it feels like you could conquer it in a couple of days, but it’s so packed with world class attractions that you quickly realize how daunting a task it can be. It makes sense, then, that this list of the top sights in Florence would be among the most visited articles of the year.
  3. dg3

  4. 10 Hottest Italian Soccer Players – It surprises me not one bit that this article, which was also on the top 10 list from 2009, should still be among the most visited articles of 2010. Why? Because let’s face it – the Italians themselves can be counted as part of the scenery. And you really don’t have to be a soccer fan to enjoy looking at these gorgeous guys.
  5. Getting from Milan to Venice (and Vice Versa) – Long-time readers will know that I’ve written a number of articles on getting from one place to another in Italy, and although I think they’re quite useful I didn’t expect any of them to be on this top 10 list. Evidently there are plenty of people who find cheap flights to Milan and then want to get the heck out of there to one of the more beautiful cities in Italy, because this one cracked the top 10 this past year.
  6. milan_duomoroof

  7. Top 10 Things to Do in Milan – Despite the popularity of the article at #7, with all those people trying to get out of Milan, there are obviously enough of you who hang out in Milan long enough to want to know how to spend your time there. Thankfully, Milan’s best sights can be seen in a day, which is what most people end up with at the beginning or end of an Italy trip.
  8. jessicahsu_venice

  9. Italy Itinerary: The Perfect Two Weeks – The most often-asked questions I get from readers, by a long shot, are about itineraries. And this article I wrote on what I think is a great 2-week itinerary for first-time travelers in Italy still suits many of the people asking those questions.
  10. Italy First Time Visitor Guide – This article is a great overview for anyone who’s visiting Italy for the first time, or who hasn’t been there in long enough that a refresher course is in order. It didn’t make the top 10 list for 2009, so I’m pleased to see it ranking so highly for 2010.
  11. colosseum_floor

  12. Top 10 Things to Do in Rome – Rome is probably Italy’s top destination, and it’s an enormous and potentially overwhelming city with so much to see and do that narrowing down a must-see list for a few days isn’t easy. Even this top 10 list leaves out some big attractions, but at least it’s a starting point to help you plan.
  13. venice_stmarkssquare

  14. Top 10 Things to Do in Venice – I think Rome gets more visitors each year than Venice, but I’m more of a Venice girl so I’m really pleased to see this article rank all the way up at #2 for this past year. I hope this means more people will see the good side of this city I love so much…
  15. elisabettacanalis

  16. The 13 Hottest Italian Soccer WAGs – For the second year in a row, the first article in the hot soccer WAGs series comes in at #1. In addition to reminding me what prurient interests the interwebz satisfy, this also reminds me that I’m overdue for releasing another WAGs post. If I made resolutions, I’d resolve to do that ASAP.

Are there any here that you missed when they were first published? Are there any articles from the past year that you particularly enjoyed or found useful that didn’t make this list? Let me know in the comments!
photo at top by jeff_golden, all other photo credits on the articles from which the thumbnails were taken