The town of Pienza is in beautiful central Tuscany in the famous Val d’Orcia, and the region surrounding this pretty town is incredibly picturesque. Pienza itself is a UNESO World Heritage Site, as is the whole Val d’Orcia, and just in the town there are churches, palazzi, and gardens to […]

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If the first place you think of when you think of Liguria isn’t the Cinque Terre, chances are very good it’s Portofino. This similarly small fishing village is further north along the Ligurian coastline, almost unreasonably picturesque, and a popular stop for smaller cruise ships that can anchor offshore and […]

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How can you enjoy a view off the Ligurian coast without squeezing into the tiny Cinque Terre with everyone else? Easy – pick a different Ligurian coastal city. Portovenere is nearby, somewhat larger than the Cinque Terre villages, and although it’s definitely a tourist town it isn’t generally as crowded […]

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For anyone who has looked up in awe at the sparkling golden mosaics on the domes of St. Mark’s in Venice, I invite you to make a beeline for Ravenna. This city’s Byzantine mosaics are said to be some of the finest anywhere on earth, and they don’t disappoint. Two […]

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With the enormous amount of coastline Italy claims, there are several beachside towns that have become famous over the years. Perhaps the most famous – and most popular – seaside resort town in the entire country is Rimini in the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s one of the best-known beach resort towns […]

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For anyone traveling on a budget who’s interested in a visit to the Amalfi Coast, one of the ways to save money is to look for places to stay that aren’t on the Amalfi Coast proper. One city you might consider is Salerno, which is the first major city from […]

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One of the more popular hill towns in Tuscany for day trips from Florence is San Gimignano – but as is the case with many hill towns, staying overnight in San Gimignano often is a more fulfilling experience than just visiting for the day. It’s a beautifully picturesque walled town […]

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Not far from the French border is the seaside city of Sanremo in Liguria. It’s less famous as a beach town than the Cinque Terre villages or the cruise port city of Portofino, but it’s well-known within Italy as the end-point of two big races (one car race and one […]

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