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  Semifreddo and gelato are all well and good, but for serious chilling out, Sicilians have another trick up their sleeves – granita! Unlike the icy-confection found elsewhere, Sicilian granita’s intensely pure, crystalline texture is far more divine than anything found off-island. Other Italian cities tout granita, but typically their […]

Sicilian Granita: The Real Deal in Italian Ice

When in Rome – so the saying goes – you should do as the Romans do. And when it comes to eating, that means traditional Roman dishes. Some of the things you should look for on restaurant menus include cacio e pepe, which is a sauce of cacio cheese and […]

Places to Eat in Rome

For anyone who has ever wondered how Italian women stay so slender despite a steady diet of pasta, take heart – not every Italian is stick-figure thin. Case in point – a northern Italian town is attempting to encourage its residents to lose weight by offering them monetary incentives to […]

Italian Town Paying Residents to Lose Weight

What’s the best way to combine the very Italian love of not-always-good-for-you food (are you listening, carbs?) with the also very Italian love of looking younger than your age? Why, the anti-wrinkle pizza, of course. A nutritionist in Italy has created what he’s calling an “anti-wrinkle” pizza which, thanks to […]

Anti-Wrinkle Pizza Stirs Controversy in Italy