le marche

The hilltop city of Macerata in Le Marche is, like many historic cities in Italy, two towns in one. On the hill you’ll find the historic city itself, and further down the hill you’ll find a more modern version of the city. Macerata isn’t a huge place, but for the […]

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Look further to the east in central Italy, past Tuscany and Umbria, and you arrive in Le Marche – a region that’s similar to its more famous western neighbors but less popular with tourists. Among the better-known towns of Le March is the hilltop city of Urbino – it’s a […]

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While the regions of Tuscany and Umbria get far more attention, Le Marche has its own charms. This beautiful central Italian region is quite mountainous, and one of the most popular hilltop towns is Urbino. It’s a walled city with a large university and an historic duke’s palace, among other […]

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Budget-conscious travelers make a point of skipping over the hotspots just about anywhere in order to avoid the most expensive places. In Italy, that often means avoiding Tuscany altogether. Luckily, there are other parts of central Italy that have the same kind of beauty without the crowds – one such […]

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