If you’ve got more than two weeks to spend on your vacation in Italy, you might have found lots of great suggestions for a 2-week Italy trip and be wondering what to do with your third week. Sometimes it’s as simple as tacking another week onto an existing 2-week itinerary, […]

3-Week Italy Itinerary: Italy’s Greatest Hits

The vast majority of people pass through Pisa for – at most – a couple of hours in order to take one of those must-have photos of themselves “propping up” the leaning tower of Pisa. But if you’re interested in seeing another side of this city, then you’ve got to […]

Cheap Hostels in Pisa

Pisa is home to one of the most famous buildings in the entire country of Italy, yet it remains a city that’s far more popular as a day trip option than a place to spend the night. That’s a shame, since (as is the case with most day trip cities […]

Cheap Hotels in Pisa