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Weird & Wonderful Italy

Throughout Italy there are fabulous sights which are famous the world over, but not every attraction on your “must-see” list has to be of the caliber of the Sistine Chapel or Michelangelo’s David. For those who would like their Italy vacation photo albums to look a little different than everyone else’s, there’s always Weird and Wonderful Italy. Every city and town has something weird and wonderful to add to this list, and I’ll keep writing about them until I find them all. Which means I’ll keep writing about them until my fingers bleed on my keyboard. But it’s all in the name of helping you have the best and most interesting holiday in Italy, so I’m up for it!

Here are my tips so far for:

Weird and Wonderful Rome
Weird and Wonderful Venice
Weird and Wonderful Florence
Weird and Wonderful Naples


Weird and Wonderful Milan

If you’re a fan of the weird and wonderful and your favorite off-the-beaten-path sights aren’t listed here, be sure to leave a comment or drop me a line and tell me what they are!