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Cheap Hostels in Aquila

The Abruzzo region in central Italy is often overlooked by tourists, although the region made the international news in 2009 when a massive earthquake reduced several historic cities to ruin. The city at the center of that earthquake and which suffered a huge amount of damage was L’Aquila. L’Aquila has rebuilt much of what was damaged in 2009, and it remains an excellent base from which to explore Abruzzo.
This part of Italy is known for its mountains and parkland, and visitors staying in L’Aquila are in a perfect position to go hiking throughout the nearby hills or spend days doing leisurely strolls through the many historic Renaissance and medieval towns in the region. L’Aquila is a large enough city that there’s a variety of accommodation options available. Budget travelers should focus on the hostels in L’Aquila as well as the small budget hotels, both of which are indicated on the map below.

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