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Fly Free With (Some) Perillo Tours This Summer

rometourIf the high cost of airline travel has got you down, not to mention the high cost of summertime travel to Italy, then this press release a friend sent me might be music to your ears:

“Perillo Tours Offers FREE AIRFARE to Italy via EuroFly Airlines”

Just the title of the press release might make your mouth water (it did mine), but before you get too excited here are the facts: In order to take advantage of the (admittedly generous) free airfare offer, you have to fly from New York’s JFK into Rome, Bologna or Palermo. You have to fly on EuroFly airlines. The flight must be booked by June 1, 2008. And – here’s perhaps the most critical piece – the flight must be booked along with one of three of Perillo Tours’ specific trips in Italy.

The trips that Perillo is running that are eligible for the free airfare offer are:

  • Vesuvius Tour: July 27, 2008 departure date. 10 days to Rome, Florence and Naples. (more information here)
  • South & Sicily Tour: July 30, 2008 departure date. 14 Days to Palermo, Taormina, Naples and Rome. (more information here)
  • Aristocrat Tour: August 19, 2008 departure date. 11 days to Venice, Florence and Rome. (more information here)

Are these the only tours covering these sights? Are they the best? The answers are ‘no,’ and ‘opinions will vary’ – but the appeal of free airfare is a big, fat bonus point in their favor. These first-class tours themselves aren’t cheap, so it’s not like offering free airfare is going to mean budget travelers are going to flood the phone lines – but it’s a great way for travelers who are already considering a package tour to save a little money on the overall trip. Just make sure you use that money you save for something worthwhile – like several extra scoops of gelato, a leather jacket, or a new pair of Italian shoes.

Space on these “fly free” tours is limited, so if you’re interested I’d advise you to act fast. And if you miss out on this deal, there are other ways to save money on your travel – including these deals on cheap tickets to Europe.

You can learn more about Perillo Tours at their website.