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Getting Around in Italy: What You Need to Know

trainviewWhen you’re planning a trip, size matters. Take, for instance, the idea of planning a visit to the United States, or Canada, or Russia. No one without an unlimited amount of time would make a general statement like, “I’m going on a trip to the United States” without being more specific about where in the U.S. they’re going. Why? Because it’s a big place, and it’s inconceivable that someone could visit the whole country in the space of a normal vacation.
Italy, on the other hand, isn’t so enormous that people don’t regularly say “I’m going on a trip to Italy” and mean it. I’d still contend that it’s impossible to see all of Italy in the space of a normal vacation, but it’s definitely possible to see the country’s highlights in just a couple of weeks. But that means it’s crucial that you learn your best options for getting around Italy so that you don’t waste your precious vacation time.
In this article, you’ll find links to all the articles I’ve written about how to get around in Italy – from tips on using different methods of transportation to the best ways to get between specific cities in Italy. I’ll keep updating the links list as I write more articles, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for here please leave a comment or send me a note – it could be I’ve forgotten to link it, or it could be that your request will spur me to write something new!

Methods of Transportation in Italy

Using Public Transportation in Italian Cities

Getting Between Specific Points in Italy

From Airports in Italy into Cities:

Between Specific Cities/Regions:

Getting from Italy to Other Countries

Getting to Italy by Plane

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