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New Updates to WhyGo Italy

I’ve been busy lately updating some parts of WhyGo Italy that you may not see every day, so I wanted to take a moment and let you know that if you haven’t poked around on the site lately you might want to do so.
One of the perks of writing a travel guide that exists solely online is that I can update things I wrote years ago easily – no reprinting required. The downside of any updating work, however, is that the more you write, the more there is to update. So it is that I find myself, more than four years after starting to write WhyGo Italy, with lots of updating to do!
I’ve taken some time in the last few months to update a few parts of the site that you may not see often but form an important part of the backbone of WhyGo Italy – and I wanted to make sure that you saw the new information and (in some cases) new presentation. I’m always happy to get feedback, too, so please let me know what you think – and if you find parts of the site that need to be updated, let me know!

Airports & Cheap Airfare

The biggest expense of an Italy trip is the airfare – this is true no matter when you go, and especially true this year when fuel surcharges are making the cost of tickets go through the roof. In an effort to help you find the best deals possible on Italy airfare, then, I’ve done some work on the air travel section of WhyGo Italy.
I recently posted an article listing the major airports in every Italian region, with the airlines (including budget carriers) that fly into each one. Having more options for your trip does mean you might be doing a bit more research – it would be easier, I know, if there was only one airport choice. But having more options also means the potential for saving money. Find out who flies to the airports closest to where you want to go and you might find a bargain flight.
>> Airports in Italy
When I started this site, I made sure there was information available about Italy’s main international gateways – but I didn’t get much further than that. I’ve still got a ways to go to cover every single major airport in Italy in great detail, but I have added more pages to the site to help you find cheap flights into cities other than Milan and Rome.
Cheap Airfare to Tuscany
Everyone wants to go to Tuscany, but many people don’t realize the region’s main airport isn’t in the region’s capital. Yes, there’s an airport in Florence, but the bigger airport is in nearby Pisa.

Cheap Airfare to Sicily
Like Tuscany, Sicily is another case where the regional capital is not home to the primary regional airport. Unlike Tuscany, the airports in Palermo and Catania are not right next to one another.

And these are, of course, in addition to the pages I’d already written for Italy’s other major airports:

Transportation in Italy

After itinerary questions, the topic of how to get around Italy is the second-most-popular that I get in terms of questions from readers. In fact, it ties into itinerary questions, too, so I end up talking about transportation in Italy quite a bit. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I realized my main transportation page needed a facelift.
The new transportation page is absolutely crammed with information, and in order to make it less than a gazillion words long I’ve also linked to lots of other resources so you can get more details on any of the individual topics you want to learn more about. Additionally, the page now includes all of the booking tools WhyGo Italy has available to you so you can search and book what you need transportation-wise from right within that page.
>> Transportation in Italy

Weather in Italy

While Italy’s size (roughly the same square mileage as Arizona) may make you think that the weather throughout the country would be relatively consistent, that’s just not the case. The shape of Italy plus the fact that its geography varies so drastically in such a small area means that the weather varies, too.
I’ve updated the main Italy weather page, and I also updated each of the pages dealing with the months and seasons. They’re still Italy-wide, meaning you’ll have to narrow your focus when you know what regions and cities you’ll be visiting during your trip, but these pages will give you a good start to help you figure out which month would be best for your trip or where you might want to go given the time of year you’re planning to travel.

Italy in Winter

Italy in December
Italy in January
Italy in February

Italy in Spring

Italy in March
Italy in April
Italy in May

Italy in Summer

Italy in June
Italy in July
Italy in August

Italy in Fall

Italy in September
Italy in October
Italy in November

Italy Regions

An Italy itinerary will eventually contain names of cities and towns where you’ll eat, sleep, and walk around – but in the early stages, it may consist of nothing more than the name of a region. Tuscany, for instance, or Sicily – these are regional names that most of us know. There are 20 regions in Italy, however, each with its own treasures to discover.
Each of the regions in Italy now has its own page on WhyGo Italy, and I even included the two countries-within-the-country – San Marino and Vatican City – so you can read more about what each region has to offer before you start narrowing down your must-see list.
Italy’s Regions

Aosta Valley
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Le Marche
Trentino-Alto Adige

Independent City-States in Italy

More to Come!

In addition to the new articles you see on the front page of WhyGo Italy each week, I’m constantly working on older articles to add new information – so if you see something that needs to be updated, please send me a note or leave a comment on the site.